The history of SBW, Inc. is the history of innerwear industry in Korea.Jumping up to be a fashion leader in the world


The Beginning of the lnnerwear Industry in KoreaFrom a socks wholesaler to an innerwear wholesaler

  • 1954.03established 'Hyeongjae Tradmg Co.,'
  • 1962.03established ·samnam Undershirt Industry Co


Growing PeriodThe birth of SBW, the innerwear manufacturer and retailer

  • 1963.03established 'Ssangnyeong Textile Industry Co.'
  • 1973.03moved into lri Industrial Complex; established the nation's largest undershirt production facility
  • 1977.03changed the company name to 'Ssangbangwool Co..Ltd. established 'Sangnyeong Textile Manufacturing Co., Ltd.'
  • 1978.10completed constructing factory I established complete production process from raw cotton to end product
  • 1979.08introduced computerized system for the first time within the industry
  • 1979.12moved the corporate headquarters to Seoul
  • 1981.01merged with Ssangnyeong Textile Manufacturing
  • 1984.04completed constructing stocking production line facility
  • 1984.08IPO I implemented diversifica tion through new businesses


Maturing PeriodThe birth of the brand TRY, and its success

  • 1986.02introduced a denim brand LEE
  • 1986.03awa rded Tin Tower Order of Industria l Service Merit
  • 1986.09ob tained the first national KS Mark for unde rshirt
  • 1987.07Introduced the company's own brand TRY
  • 1988.11moved the corporate headquarters (Nonhyeong-dong, Gangnam-gul
  • 1989.01obtained KS Mark by The Industrial Advancement Administra tion for stockings


ExportExport to the world

  • 1990.07founded a professional baseball team Ssangbangwool Raiders
  • 1995.03established Yanji Ssangbangwool Kmttmg Co. Ltd in China
  • 1995.09established Jil1n Ssangbangwool TextileManufacturing Co., Ltd. in Ch1na
  • 1995.11received $50 Million Export Tower Award
  • 1996.12established Tumen SBW Textile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 1n China


Nation's Finacial Crisis and Second Take-Off of Textile IndustrySBW 's trying period and rising up

  • 2000.08the nation's first online underwear fashion show live cast
  • 2000.11held a campaign for wearing long underwear
  • 2001.03received No. I Brand Power Certification for TRY
  • 2001.06introduced a knowledge management system KM-Net for the first time in the industry
  • 2001.07received Corpo rate Image Grand Award
  • 2001.09selected as No. I Company Korean Customer Satisfaction Index (KCSI)
  • 2002.03received No. I Brand Power Certification for TRY for 2 consecu tive years
  • 2003.02expor ted licenses to an In dian company Maxwell for Chaville and TRY brands
  • 2003.05developed the world 's first 140 thread count innerwear."TRY Premium 1 40'


The Advancement of the Fashion IndustrySuccessful norma lizati on of managemen t and new challenges

  • 2004.05Introduced the world's first 160 thread count cotton innerwear 'TRY Premium 160'
  • 2004.11selected as Super Brand m the men's underwear category at ' 2004 Brand Olympics' by Korea Institute for Industrial Economics & Trade(KIET)
  • 2004.12held a campaign for wearing TRY long underwear in 2004
  • 2005.08received The Consumers· Choice the National Brand Grand Award
  • 2007.10TRY Orange Shop rece ved Korea Marketing Grand Award by Korea Management Associa tion Group
  • 2008.05Implemented corporate spilt-off; newly established TRYBRANDS,lnc
  • 2009.10received Korea Marketing Grand Award by Korea Management Association Group for 3 consecutive years
  • 2010.04changed the company name from TRYBRANDS to SBW & TRY GROUP, Inc.
  • 2011.08changed the company name to SBW Inc
  • 2011.12awarded $10 mill1on export tower at the '48th AnnualTrade Day Ceremony'
  • opened F rst'TRY" Store in Vietnam (Hanoi)
  • opened F rst'TRY" Store in China (Shanghai)
  • 2012.12opened F rst'TRY" Store in U.S.A. (Virginia)
  • opened 20th " TRY " Store in Chma
  • 2013.01"Advanced Technology & Design" award was given to our ma nufacturi ng facility by Chinese government
  • 2013.02relocated the corporate headquarters (Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu]
  • 2013.03celebrated 50th anniversary
  • 2013.10opened F rst'TRY" Store in Canada (Toronto)
  • 2013.11opened F rst'TRY" Store in Canada (Winnipeg)